Word A Day: 2015

Throughout 2015 I wrote a word each day in a diary to form a poem:


Word a day: 2015

Disciplined thoughts cram,
Overlap, in staccato pulse

Slip function counters in beat,
Walking after all

Fly, sing,
Treasure the moment

Often change, seldom sleep
Collapse years to now

Always is beautiful for the blossom bloom
Raw, undefined by seasons

A flow that appears, appears.
A moment infinite

Returning inward, but
Instantly un-thought, superseded

Time travellers, constantly measuring,
Trace carefully, remember detail

For what increases,
Occludes self reflection

Denounces notions of progression
Living in a recurring disappearing

Solid and formed, detail pinpoints illusion
Not knowing, not empathy

Love benign:
Still but dynamic torque

Good turn away,
Interpret as cause without reflection

No understanding to intervene,
Finished somehow

Flying, apparently,
Doubt, push anything

Withdraw, submit
Anticipate the drive

Futuristic emptiness,
Potential that evades

Torn, fragmented, undercurrents
Time is nonsense tangled deep

Energies translated by necessity
Switch in unison


Reboot, go, repeat
Go, rest not fathom

Leave quickly,
Presuming changes

Inconspicuous and charlatan moments
Structure in deep

Flotsam gestures,
Voice particulars

Floating froth articulates chaos
Clearly, paradox instigates

So liquid: Time,
One mass

Dense with potential

Bleached future,
History never reached

But theory moves
Granted with ease

Stop soon, word is out.
Apply soon

Whispers engage thought,
The long is a whisper too

Elements of potential entertain repetition
In staccato

On conclusion, contradiction
Woven, assimilated

Base for another departure
Low view awe

Made to spike at least

Space spirit sliding
Switching sea sourced sensation

Change living

Cognitive defeat, only not mobile
Ask again

Speakers mute,
Love rain

Audio scratches
Blanket deep soundscape

Continuous redeeming fuses
Expertly guiding everything

Dream content on vacation

Stumped by waking
Purblind, gross, ineluctable and scrambled

Punishment avoided
Examined writings affect and indulge function mode

Erratum: image as mediator
Objective and composed seeks facture for now

Model of understanding
Critical birth

Organise the text
Divulge doubts

Bitter, crowded, disturbing
Yet purposeful labour

Apropos: trivial journeys
Safely negotiate

Where mindfully remembered
Negotiate surprise

Trawl and peer,
Sense what is structured

Visit with open arms.
Might there mostly develop a sensation nomad?

Constantly agitating
Weighing up patterns

Viral skeins
Exponential by design

Ordered chaos

Listen: sunlight blesses the shoreline
Where movement is

Where time distils connected events
Walking in line, immersed discipline(d).

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